Friday, February 3, 2012

About BiznesJuan

For two weeks straight, I have been thinking of what business I could probably start soon. And I now realize  this is not easy. I realize I am not prepared.  There are a lot of factors that I have to consider in starting a business. And in thinking of these factors, I ended up starting a blog. In ten minutes, I have started BIZNESJUAN. 

Since I can't get my ideas organized in a way that could make them useful for my business start up, I've thought of making sure I make baby steps into reaching what I want. And I'm committing to logging these baby steps in this blog. By this, I know I could always go back and see my accomplishments and my mistakes. Hopefully other people could learn with my experiences as well. 

I am targetting BIZNESJUAN to become a blog a lot of people, not just Filipinos would benefit on. I would never claim to be an expert of any business I have not tried myself, since this blog is also my way to keep track of my own business adventures. It would be composed of mostly businesses that people  hopefully could engage themselves in. I hope it could be a space where people could share their thoughts about latest businesses.

Lastly, I  hope all of us enjoy whatever activities we decide to do. To think about generating an income could really be frustrating ( I hope this would never be the case), but I wish we could find joy and excitement instead. 

Join me as I go through my little adventures. :)

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