Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Step 1 - Save


As my thoughts get crowded by so many ideas, writing down my thoughts just seem to make  my brain tamed for a while. The thing is, while I have realized the fact that I am not yet ready to engage in a business, that does not mean I have to set my mind to inaction.  I believe this is the same for any one who can relate to my story. 

My Baby Step 1 is to focus on SAVING.  

There isn't much that I can do now without enough money. (Robert Kiosaki would kill me for saying this.) I am a huge fan of Mr. Kiosaki and I am currently reading one of his bestsellers Cashflow Quadrant. I have come across the chapter where he wrote that he did not need money to start his own business. Well I haven't finished the book yet. I don't know how he did that. Once I do, who knows? It could be my next baby step. :) No worries, I'm gonna share what I would learn. Better yet, grab a copy. ;)

So going back, the best thing that I could do now is to save and wait until I get enough to start something  (and maybe wait until I finish K's book).  Saving little is better than saving nothing after all. I have been working in less than two years now. And it was just last December that I was able to start saving for several reasons. And I am very much happy with my progress. 

Let me expound on Inaction.

Why can I save now? Why didn't I start long before, at the first month of employment?

Right after college I began paying our debts. You see, I didn't come from a rich family. I started filling our house with normal stuff. I got myself my own computer. I took charge of my brother and sister who are still studying. I got these endless factors that affected my saving. And one time I realized I still have nothing for myself (well except for my computer). And I knew something was wrong. I was flooded with seminars on savings, investments, insurance and the more I became sick of the thought that I could not save. All the while, I was aiming to open a separate  bank account for my savings but I didnt.

It was just last December that I did. I thought that hadn't I took my chance of opening a bank account then, had I  took the comfort of inaction, my saving would've still been zero. And I would've probably been even more frustrated now because there would be no way I could start my own business.

Needs are endless. Let us make sure we are keeping even small amounts for our future.     

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