Friday, February 3, 2012

Piso Net

In demand
Currently, people are into Piso Net. With one peso coin, you get 5 minutes to surf the internet. In sense, the more coins you have, the longer you get to do your routines -Facebook, Twitter, online games, etc.

With these, a lot of people get interested in  having Pisonet as a source of income. And you will find my name on the list of those interested. :)

How does Pisonet work as an income?

Example. I own a complete Pisonet unit. A unit is composed of a complete desktop and a Coin Slot (with the electronic gadget of course). I then would look for a good location where I would want my Pisonet placed. And voila I found you! I find your place nice because you have an extra space. I think your location could get a good signal of wireless internet connection too. Aside from that, I can see that there are a lot of people residing in your area. You are perfect. I would then offer you a partnership.  "I" then becomes "We". We would place our units in your place. We would use your electricity and  would use my wireless internet connection. We would then let people know our business is open. And we let it be. After a week, we will open the box and divide the profit according to our agreement.Usually it is 60-40. (Owner gets 60 percent, the location owner gets 40) You did not do anything. There was not much supervision from both of us. We are both happy. End of example.

That is how  PisoNet is. My friend  has his own already and is offering me to start my own as well. I have been thinking about this for 3 days already and just can't let go of the thought. I am budget-tight and still on the saving period. If anyone is interested to be the 60 and is more prepared than I am, give this a thought. You could also be the 40. As for me, my place is not really a  good location so I'd rather be the 60.

 1. How much is a unit?
     My friend told me he went to Raon and found units there at P21,000 each. I think there are other people selling at a lower price. But you have to keep an eye on the parts they would be using. Some claims to be selling brand new units. You  have to be really careful. My good friend is willing to assemble units for me at a really good-old-friend price. :)
 2. What is the best internet connection?
     If  owner  40 already has an internet connection, then you could change the arrangements. You could just pay his internet bill. :) Or, you could apply for wireless connection. Now,  signal depends on location so I think it is better if you would run a signal test on the location first.
 3. My gash, what else?
     If you have other questions, well you can comment anyway. :) And I'll try to answer them if I can.

I sooo wish I could start mine soon. I am eyeing my uncle's location. He has a wide space in front of his house. Though I  gotta have some parts fixed so people would be much comfortable as they enjoy my soon to be PisoNet.

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